What is Skinless Popcorn?

What is Skinless Popcorn?

A New, Unique Version of a Classic Snack!

A New, Unique Version
of a Classic Snack!

Inside each kernel of popcorn is a tiny droplet of water surrounded by SKIN, which is also known as the HULL. As the kernel is heated, this droplet of water turns into steam and that builds pressure inside the kernel. When the SKIN can no longer contain the pressure…POP! The kernel explodes and a piece of traditional popcorn is born.

However, using our really creative new popping process, Papa’s Pops is able to remove 100% of the annoying SKIN (HULL) to create a completely different and unique piece of SKINLESS popcorn.

A piece of popcorn that no longer gets stuck in your teeth, gums or that irritates your throat. A popcorn that is fun and healthy to eat. Enjoy!